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A world first, enabling the removal of permanent ink markers (that have impregnated or left a stain) from paint work, plastics, pre cast concrete, granite, terrazzo, stone and marble. People won’t believe what they see in front of their eyes, and neither will you – we guarantee it. Feltpen Fadeout is a biodegradable, brush on, wipe off product used for the removal of ink stains on smooth or porous surfaces, after (or during) graffiti has been dissolved as much as possible by either Bare Brick, Stone & Masonry Remover (BBSM), or Sensitive Surface Graffiti Remover (SSGR). This product is extremely useful for the removal of certain spray can stains especially ‘reds’ from concrete and masonry. 1 litre will remove up to approx. 10 sq mtrs of typical ink and dye stains when used in conjunction with BBSM or SSGR.

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