EcoSafe Green Graffiti Remover


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For the quick and safe removal of thicker graffiti from brick, stone and masonry surfaces. Also ideal for removing graffiti paintovers, acrylic paint, paint bombs and paint spills. Eco Green will remove all types of paints from porous stone and concrete surfaces including cinderblock, split face block and exposed aggregate. Safe to use and virtually odorless. Highly effective on all types of natural stone (such as limestone, granite and marble), stainless steel, trees, plastics and playground equipment. Eco Green is an ideal hot weather graffiti remover designed to stay wetter, longer and keep working in hotter temperatures. 1 litre will remove approx. 7 sq mtrs of typical graffiti tagging or up to approx. 5 sq mtrs of acrylic paint (depending on the number of coats). Uses include removal of larger tags sprayed up with fire extinguishers or super soakers, and for the removal of unwanted or vandalized murals and coatings.

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